The Spot Cafe

11 Buddington Road
Groton,Connecticut 06340
(860) 448-6276

​A questionable establishment of sports and 
​unsusual eats....
55 Beers
Over 115 Food Items
11 HD TV's
​Free Popcorn
Two bathrooms
and a sense of humor
The Spot Cafe -  11 Buddington Road  -  Groton, Connecticut  (860) 448-6276

​   Spring/Summer Seafood
 (all priced to market) 

1-1/4 lb. Lobster - Stuffed, Grilled, or Boiled Whole Belly Clam   Clam Strip 
 Mussels, Clam Fritters
   Fresh Ahi Tuna
       Fresh Swordfish Loin Steak

Baked Salmon....$14 5oz / $18 10oz
Skinned and cleaned here, seasoned well and baked. served with rice pilaf and green beans.
Sauteed Mussels and Shrimp...$17
New Zealand green shells & large shrimp in garlic butter with linguine.
Seafood in Red Clam Sauce...$19
Whole and chopped clam, shrimp & scallops in a spicy red sauce over linguine.
Lazy Man's Stuffed Lobster...$18
A whole shelled lobster in casserole with our seafood stuffing and plenty of butter!
Lobster Mac...$18
A whole shelled lobster baked within our creamy mac n' cheese.
Baked Stuffed Shrimp...$18
Three large shrimp roasted with our seafood stuffing.
Pizza & TexMex
Pies & Flatbreads
All pizzas are thick crust except the Margherita & personal
Mac n' Cheese Pizza ...$13
w/ buffalo chicken...$15
Barbecue Chicken & Onion...$15
barbecued grilled chicken, red onion, bacon & Monterrey jack cheese.
Cheese Pizza...$11
w/ sausage, pepperoni or meatball...$14

All personal flatbread versions of the above...$9
except plain cheese....$6
Margherita Pizza...$13
Thin crust with olive oil, fresh garlic & basil, fresh tomato, mozzarella, Parmesan and feta cheeses.
South of the Border
Strangest Chicken Burrito...$11
Chicken, sour cream and chili sauce, baked with a copious amount of cheese and topped with tomato, jalapeno's and scallion.
    Chicken...$11    Steak...$12    

Served with rice
Crock of Beef and Bean Chili...$6
our house chili with melted cheese, onion & some tortilla chips.
​Chili Taco Salad...$9
Chicken Taco Salad...$11

Grilled Tuna Steak ...$17
Served with veggie and potato
Available sides - Broccoli, sauteed veggies, green beans, cole slaw,potato salad, french fries, or rice
Cajun Scallops...$17
large seas scallops pan seared with Cajun Seasoning and
served with rice and broccoli. 
Fish & Chips (Atlantic Cod)...$13
Hand battered cod with slaw and fries.
Swordfish Steak...$18
Served with veggie and potato.
Shrimp & Scallop Alfredo...$15
Served over angel hair pasta.
Lobster Ravioli...$16
Tomato pesto, spinach and Parmesan cheese.
Chili Burrito...$10