The Spot Cafe

11 Buddington Road
Groton,Connecticut 06340
(860) 448-6276

​A questionable establishment of sports and 
​unsusual eats....
55 Beers
Over 115 Food Items
11 HD TV's
​Free Popcorn
Two bathrooms
and a sense of humor
The Spot Cafe -  11 Buddington Road  -  Groton, Connecticut  (860) 448-6276

Burger Haus (house of burger)
​                                (lettuce, pickle & tomato by request)

Southwest Burger...$11
Topped with pepperjack, jalapeno and horseradish mayo.
Italian Burger...$11
Toasted ciabatta bread, mozzarella cheese, roasted red peppers and tomato basil mayo.
Hickory Burger...$11
BBQ sauce, ham, smoked bacon and Swiss cheese.
Bacon Cheddar...$10
A half pound burger with cheddar and smoked bacon.
Mushroom Onion...$11
Swiss cheese, sauteed mushrooms and caramelized onion.

Brunch Burger...$12
Topped with American cheese, smoked bacon & a fried over easy egg.
Big Burger ...$ 14 
a double cheese burger with American and cheddar cheese.
Turkey Burger...$11
Ground turkey with pepperjack cheese, lettuce & tomato, served with guacamole.
Spot Sliders...$11 for 3 with fries
                        $11 for 2 with a cup of soup
* Thoroughly cooking meat,poultry, seafood, shelfish, or eggs reduces the risk of food-borne illness.

                                         Please no separate checks on parties of 8 or more
With your choice of fries, cole slaw or potato salad
Hours of operation: Sunday through Thursday 11 am - 1 am     Friday & Saturday  11 am - 2 am